Spirulina...Superfood Spirulina
Standards and Quality Assurance:

Superfood Spirulina is produced to the highest of standards. Superfood Spirulina tablets are made here in New Zealand in GMP licensed facilities so quality is continually monitored and checked.

Key Specification Points:

*Consistently high levels of Phycocyanin @ 12 – 15%
*Excellent carotenoid profile 4 to 4.5g/kg
*Beta carotene - 1.5 to 2.0g/kg
*Xanthophylls - 1.6 to 1.8g/kg
*High levels of Chlorophyll- 11 to 13g/kg
*Low Moisture 2.5 – 6%
*High Mineral content

With a myriad of companies offering a vast array of nutritional supplements, another reason to choose Superfood Spirulina is that we do not offer a vast array of supplements.

We specialise in Spirulina! It is all we do, and it is all we have been doing since 1996. At Superfood Spirulina we all eat Spirulina, between 20 – 60 grams a day, so in addition to all of the independent lab testing of our product, we know at a personal level that it is outstanding quality. Superfood Spirulina is an excellent choice for all your Spirulina requirements.